About us

Thomas Alexander and Company Ltd is a three partner firm of Chartered Accountants, specialising in accountancy, tax and auditing services for private clients and small to medium sized businesses.

Our history

The firm was established in 1992. The founding partners had top 10 experience and wished to bring this knowledge, professionalism and expertise to an independent locally based practice. As a result of this our clients receive the benefit of our extensive expertise at competitive local rates.

The firm has grown rapidly and organically as a result of client recommendations and two Sole practitioner acquisitions. We have a client base of over 750 which covers a wide range of business structures, from small tax returns through to medium-sized limited companies. Our clients operate in a wide range of industries including, but not limited to, electronic media, advertising and promotions, property development, retail, manufacturing, bars, clubs and restaurants.

What we do

We combine the best traditional values of our profession with modern business methods, ensuring that our clients receive both excellent client care and quality of service and that all matters are completed as efficiently and economically as possible.

Our belief is that accountants can do much more for your business than simply deal with the fulfilment of year end statutory obligations. While undertaking work for our clients we strive to add value, pointing out any weaknesses in your business systems, and making recommendations based upon our findings while preparing your accounts. In this manner many of our clients have come to see us as their business advisors and not simply their accountants.

How we can help you

Our ethos is simple; we will strive to give you a service that exceeds our remit as chartered accountants to simply provide you with the ability to file a set of accounts and ensure your tax return is correct and on time.

We will ensure that you and/or your business are structured in a tax efficient way, and regularly reassess your position in the light of the changing tax regimes. We will offer business advice and make suggestions on how to make your business more efficient and therefore more profitable. We will keep you informed of our progress at all times. We will deal speedily and professionally with any problems that arise and bring your case to a successful and satisfactory conclusion.

For further information, or to make an appointment, please contact us.